8 Amazon AB Tests to Optimize Your FBA Product

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There are many ways that you can test your listing to make sure it is fully optimized. You can test:

  1. your money keywords
  2. keyword stuffing vs. varying keywords
  3. your lead images
  4. your other images
  5. your pricing
  6. luxury product vs. value product
  7. long form content vs. short form content
  8. different guarantees and promotions


What We Are Seeing After Launching Splitly


So, it’s been several weeks since we launched Splitly, and I must say, we are pleased with the results.


Hundreds of Amazon private label sellers have signed up and started optimizing their listings and increasing their sessions, conversions, and overall profit.


We also started to notice patterns regarding what people are split testing, and why they are conducting these tests.


However, we noticed that most tests are usually the same thing over and over again- some keyword changes and maybe a small price decrease or increase.


Testing a small keyword change in your title or product features or a small change in your price, can lead to increased sales. However, our tool is much more powerful than just those tests.


Indeed, there are a large number of tests you can be running right now that would increase your sales even if you think your listing is completely optimized.


In order to help you understand the power of testing and to help guide you in the optimization process, we wanted to discuss with you some testing ideas.


These ideas can be used by you to increase sessions, conversions and profits.


You can use these tests on under performing listings or brand new listings. You can also use these test to improve listings that are already selling well.


The truth is, you don’t know if a listing is fully optimized until you test it.


Powerful Test Ideas to Help Fully Optimize Your Listings


  1. Testing your money keywords


If you are like most sellers, you have at least 5-10 keywords that you consider your money keywords- the keywords that will bring the most sessions and conversions.


However, if you are like most sellers, you are not really sure which one of these keywords is “the” money keyword- the keyword that, out of all of them, will drive the most traffic and conversions to your listing.


Normally, you should be optimizing your listing for several money keywords.


However, now that Amazon has started to clamp down on keyword stuffed titles and product features, it is important to find the most impactful keywords, and focus on them.


Before, Amazon Ads were a good indication of your money keywords. The better the ACoS for certain keywords, the more likely these were your money keywords.


However, now, with Splitly, you can split test all of your money keywords in your actual listing.


You would do this by making a variant that has only one of your money keywords in your title, product features and/or product description.


You would then make another variant doing the same thing above with another money keyword.


Make sure you are putting the keywords in the same positions, so you are testing only the change in the keyword and not the change in keyword position.


Let the test run until you have reached a statistical significance.


Please note, that normally we run each variant at least once everyday of the week each.


However, because changing a keyword is not what we consider a “big change” to your listing, it may take you a longer time to reach statistical significance.


Therefore, we recommend only testing 1 or 2 money keywords at a time. This will lessen the amount of days we have to run the test, because there are less variants to test.


At the end of the test period, we will be able to tell you which keyword increased your sessions and conversions.


You will now know which keyword is “the” money keyword that you can continue to optimize around.


  1. Keyword stuffing vs. keyword variation


There seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to keywords.


Some think that you should not repeat a keyword in your listing, as it is just a waste of space and won’t help you rank for that keyword.


Then again, there are other people that believe repeating your money keywords several times in your listing helps increase your visibility for that keyword.


These people believe that repeating your money keyword is worth the loss in space.


We have heard it both ways, and every time we talk to one school of thought, they swear they have tested it and their way is right.


However, if both are testing it and finding different results, what is the correct answer?


This is especially important to know since Amazon has been cracking down on long titles and keyword stuffed product features.


With Splitly,you can test these schools of thought for yourself, and see which one works best for each one of your listings.


Take your money keyword, which was the winner of the last test, and place it in your title. This is your control variable.


Then make another variable listing and sprinkle this keyword a few times in your listing.


Continue any promotions and ads you are already running for this keyword. Let the test run for several days and then see which variant performed the best.


What did you find?


If you found that it made no difference whether you used a keyword more than once, you can now use that space and add more money keywords in its place.


If you found that using your money keyword several times in your listing improved your sessions, keep it!


You may even want to go one step further and test exactly how many times you should repeat your money keyword.


Again, please remember that normally we run each variant at least once every day of the week, but because changing a keyword is not what we consider a “big change” to your listing it may take you a longer time to reach statistical significance for this test.


Let the test run as long as necessary to reach statistical significance.


  1. Testing your lead image for increased sessions


Your lead image is very important. It is often the first thing a customer sees, and it, along with a catchy title, is the difference between a click and a lost sale.


Because of this, lead images should be something you test frequently.


In fact, with Splitly, you can run several tests with several different lead images. These test can be specifically tailored to test for sessions.


After running tests on several images, you will see which one is driving more traffic to your listing.


Use this image as your lead image, but always continue to test more lead images.


  1. Testing your other images for increased conversions


If you are like most sellers, you probably have several images of your product in various positions, with various graphics, and being used in various ways.


But which pictures are the best?


This used to drive us crazy because there are so many possible photo variations, and sometimes it is so hard to tell which one will drive the most conversions.


This is especially true, because next to titles, product features, and reviews, pictures help persuade customers to buy.


Now with Splitly, you can run several variations with different photos of your product to see which set works the best.


You should run this test after you find your lead image, so you are only testing the group of images after your lead image.


Because you are testing the set of images after your lead image, you should be testing for conversion and not sessions. Generally, these images are not going to drive traffic to your Amazon listing page, but can affect your conversion rate.


  1. Finding your optimal price


You should always be testing your price. Until you test your price, you really don’t know what your optimal price is.


Splitly helps you test prices so you know exactly which price is optimal.


Try to pick a range of prices with a reasonable difference between the two. These will be your two variants. Then run the test.


See which one sells the best, and then pick a price closer to the winning price but still in your original range. Run another test with the new price and your winning price.


You can keep testing this way until you narrow down the range of prices to a single price. This will be your optimal price.


With Splitly, you can also test several specific prices at a time to see which one increases your sessions, conversions, and profit.


If you feel the need to lower your price to help you increase your sessions and conversions, and therefore your ranking, you can test several lower prices so you can find the one that drives the most traffic and conversions.


  1. Luxury product vs. value product


In order to increase your profit from each sale, you may want to add increased perceived value to your product.


One of the best ways to increase perceived value to your product without changing it, is by marketing it as a luxury brand.


Or, you may want to focus on increasing sales, and not necessarily profit. In that case, you may want to lower your price and market your product as a value buy.


Splitly can also help you test these two marketing strategies.


You can tweak and then test your images, product features, and description to appeal to the high-end retail buyer or the value buyer.


You can test which marketing strategy works best for your product.


Maybe the increase in profit from your luxury marketing strategy offsets any loss of traffic and sales.


Maybe your value buy marketing strategy increases your traffic and sales so much, that it does not matter if you are getting less profit per sale.

  1. Long form content vs. short form content


As you likely know, Amazon has been cracking down on keyword stuffed titles. Now, most titles are restricted to 200 characters or less.


Amazon is also stressing that the product features should be shortened.


Amazon has stated that short form sales content increases conversion, but how can we be sure?  Why not test it?


As far as I know, at this time not every listing title has been restricted to 200 characters.


If you are able to add more characters to your title, why don’t you test a keyword stuffed title against a shorter version?


Also, test long form vs. short form marketing content in the product features and description.

  1.  Different guarantees and promotions  


Most sellers use the product features section to list product guarantees and promotions.


We were recently in a mastermind group when the issue of which guarantee increases conversions came up.


Which is better for conversions? 30 day money back guarantees? 60 day money back guarantees? 90 day money back guarantees?  Lifetime warranties?


You can use Splitly to test these guarantees by making each one a variable in the product feature section and testing them.


You can also test any promotions in the same way.




These are just a few ways you can test your listing to optimize it for sessions, conversions and profit.


The key take away is that you should always be testing even if your listing is making good sales.


You never know if your listing is fully optimized until you test it. If you are not sure of a variable, test it and make sure your listing is fully optimized.

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