Your product listings on Amazon could be “leaking” money if they are not optimized!

Want to find out how your listings are doing?

Use The Free Product Listing Grader for Amazon

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Are your Amazon product listings well optimized? Don’t leave it to chance.

Save yourself hours of analysis and use the free Splitly Product Listing Grader to identify where your listings are letting you down.

The listing grader uses a data-backed algorithm to score the optimization of your product listings in an instant.



Set up a Splitly account and link it with your Amazon account


Get access to the Listing Grader, which will automatically populate results for all of your products


Access insights on how well your listings have been created, including a score out of 100, and individual statuses about your titles, images, features and descriptions


No listing is created equal and there are always improvements to be made. This isn’t a bad thing – it means there are numerous ways you can improve and outsmart your competitors.

The Product Listing Grader is here to help you do this faster.

Set Up The Listing Grader

(Don’t worry, it takes <5 minutes)



How will the listing grader assess my product listings?

Once you give us access to your Amazon account, the grader will run in the background to assess each and every element of all of your product listings, and then apply our algorithms to give you your scores and results.

What if my listing gets a bad score 🙁

Fear not, the tool also comes with recommendations on things you can do to make improvements right away. It also gives you a detailed breakdown of which parts of your listings are in need of attention!

Why do you need me to give you access to my seller account?

This is simply so we can assess your product listings thoroughly and so our algorithms can figure out how to grade each of your product listings effectively. There is nothing else going on in the background. Plus, we take data security very seriously. Your credentials are encrypted using the same level of encryption the banks and government use, we scan our servers every day, and our website runs behind Cloudflare, which protects us from a wide range of security threats.