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What’s the top factor influencing your sales, potential revenue and growth right now? Your product listing. That’s why we’re back again with another Amazon Product Teardown to help you maximize your FBA revenue!

Today, we’re going to focus on another highly profitable Amazon category- Sports & Outdoors.

You can also check out our previous sessions on Kitchen & Dining and Beauty & Personal Care.

We’ve selected three products to analyze where they excel and where they fall short. So you’ll see exactly what it takes to launch a successful product in this category now.


How We Perform Amazon Product Research

All 3 products today we found using the JungleScout Web App. Using this tool, you can search the entire marketplace using filters quickly identify high-sale, low-competition opportunities.

Now without further ado, let’s start tearing down three Amazon product listings form the Sports & Outdoors category.


1.URBNFit Exercise Ball (20/25)

Excercise balls have a huge demand but it’s difficult for sellers to stand out here. You’ve got to get really creative and go the extra mile to state your claim here. URBNFit is doing exceptionally well here but it’s not without room for improvement.

Title (4.5/5)

+ Broken up into scannable sections to improve readability

+ Mentions product applications to demonstrate uses and attract a variety of buyers

+ Overcomes buyer objections such as “Anti Burst” “High Quality”

– Only includes one keyword when they could have easily included a couple more

Comments: A clean, customer-focused title that relies heavily on one top keyword. It’s brief, straight to the point and doesn’t include a fluff. Yet it still manages to cover various uses, overcome objections and attract clicks.

Images (5/5)

+ Uses all 7 image slots (Amazon displays up to 7 images on product page)

+ High-resolution, zoomable images (only available for images over 1500 x 1500 pixels)

+ Main image includes all accessories and even color variations (very clever!)

+ Multiple lifestyle images to demonstrate how the product will fit into a customer’s lifestyle

+ Sizing information table is included, which is vital for multiple sizing products

Comments: Full marks for use of images with this product. Most notably, lifestyle images go a long way with the Sports & Outdoors category. Buyers will benefit incredibly from seeing exactly how the product can fit into their lifestyle. Furthermore, they quickly educate shoppers on sizing to provide greater confidence.

Product Features (2/5)

+ Full capitalization to draw attention to start of each point

+ Includes multiple keywords which is great for Amazon SEO

– Perhaps a little too brief, the key benefits could be elaborated further

– Sub-optimal order, starting with key benefits or unique selling points then ending with a guarantee would make more sense

– Focuses on features rather than real-life benefits of users

Comments: Don’t let the name “Product Features” mislead you; this section is most effective when focusing on firstly product benefits (and features second). This section is also best used to draw visitors’ attention as to why they should choose this product over others.

Description  (3.5/5)

+ Asks questions which strongly identify target customers

+ Uses formatting, paragraphs, capitals, bold font and bullets to improve readability

+ Ends with a strong call to action by telling readers to add to cart

– No mention of guarantees, when product quality could be a concern for buyers

Comments: Provides good detail on different product applications, identifying who the target customers are and what they will be looking for. However, a narrative style approach could be adapted to strongly attract readers and express unique brand personality. Otherwise, they risk coming off a little “soulless” or generic.

Reviews (5/5)

+ Over 1500 reviews with a 4.5-star average which proves great social proof

+ Plenty of image reviews which show the product and increase buyer confidence

Comments: In the most competitive niches, reviews are top dog. Have more reviews provides significant social proof and more trust over others products. Hopefully, they have set up a system to continue attracting more organic amazon reviews by using software such as Jump Send.

2.Fenglei Workout Gloves (/25)

Fenglei is established in another highly competitive but lucrative niche. Their product listing is decent, but they’ll need to strive to be even better if they wish to gain a larger share of this market.


Title (4/5)

+ Includes a variety of keywords while working them in naturally

+ Quickly demonstrates multiple product applications

– Appears a little generic and may not strongly catch shoppers’ attention or stand out

Comments: They need to work on highlighting unique product benefits and demonstrating superiority. Perhaps they could also include their brand name at the beginning to help differentiate themselves.

Images (4/5)

+ High-resolution, zoomable images

+ Uses all 7 available images and shows various product aspects to shoppers

+ Includes infographics, a lifestyle image and sizing table

– Some images feel a little dull visually and may benefit from a redesign

– Infographics focus mainly on features rather than benefits for users

Comments: Polishing up the infographics, finding a more attractive lifestyle image and refocusing on customer benefits would go a long way.

Product Features (3.5/5)

+ Mentions customer benefits and provides plenty of reasons why someone should use this product

+ Includes different product applications to attract a range of customers

– Doesn’t use capitalization to draw attention to the main focus at the beginning of each bullet

– Overuse of leading capital letters makes it difficult to identify the main aspects of each feature.

Comments: Better formatting could easily improve readability. Starting with a stronger first feature could also be helpful. Each point should start with a benefit first, and then back it up using features and applications.

Description  (1/5)

+ Mentions some product features and benefits

– Too brief and doesn’t build a connection with readers

– Doesn’t express brand personality or engage the target audience effectively

– No call to action or guarantees mentioned

Comments: Unfortunately the seller hardly capitalizing on the description section at all. Instead, they should focus on creating a narrative description that strongly identifies customers, expresses an attractive brand personality and demonstrates how the product will improve their lives.

Reviews (4/5)

+ 4.5-star review average score

+ Great review ratio of good to bad

– Still not enough social proof, needs more reviews to compete with established sellers

Comments: In these competitive niches, extra social proof provided by reviews critical. They’ve done a great job so far, but right now they should be doing everything they can to build more reviews.

3.Tribe Foam Roller (/25)

Tribe is off to a good start in this niche, but they’ll need to up their game if they want a slice of the foam roller action. Product quality appears good but they need to tighten up their listing if they want to gain more sales.

Title (3/5)

+ Mentions unique selling points (2 in 1)

+ Demonstrates various applications to attract a wide range of shoppers

– Doesn’t do anything special to stand out from the rest or attract clicks

Comments: With over 1000 products returned for “foam roller”, it’s essential to stand out. Their title needs an injection of personality and to make their unique selling points more clearly known.

Images (2/5)

+ High resolution, zoomable images

+ Uses all 7 available images

+ Includes all accessories in the main display image

– Doesn’t identify any benefits to customers

– Doesn’t include a single lifestyle image

Comments: These images are in need of a rethink. They are not capitalizing on different image types; instead, they seem only to repeat similar product angles. Lifestyle images and infographics highlighting customer benefits are desperately needed here.

Product Features (3.5/5)

+ Leads each point with capitalization to draw reader’s attention

+ Mentions a lifetime warranty and references approval by authoritative figures

+ Demonstrates unique selling points and applications

– Doesn’t drive these points home strongly

– Doesn’t focus on customer benefits first

Comments: This section would be greatly improved by revising the order and focus points. They should focus on a unique product benefit first (e.g. 2 in 1), then move other points by highlighting customer benefits, then upon approval and finally warranty.

Description  (0/5)


Yes really, there’s no product description visible!

Comments: Perhaps they have forgotten to fill this in. They need to investigate this immediately and create an attractive product description to magnetize dazzle readers with brand personality.

Reviews (1/5)

+ 5-star average review score

+ No negative reviews (yet!)

– Nowhere near enough social proof to compete with other sellers (only 16 reviews so far)

Comments: This lack of reviews is a cause for concern. They desperately need to build organic amazon reviews so they can provide more social proof and attract customers.

Selling in Sports & Outdoors on Amazon – Key Takeaways

By now, you should have a good perspective on what it takes to sell in this category. Here’s a quick summary of our tips for selling Amazon products in Sports & Outdoors:

  • Lifestyle Images – Potential buyers benefit greatly from seeing how a product is used and how it fits into their lifestyle. Make sure you have at least one lifestyle image.
  • Product Guarantees – In this category especially, buyers have concerns over product quality and longevity. Ease their concerns and boost conversions by providing a strong guarantee. Mention it clearly in your product features, description and potentially your images.
  • Sizing Guides – Getting the wrong size can be a concern for buyers. Take the time to educate shoppers and increase their confidence using a clear sizing guide. If relevant to your product, consider including a sizing guide image.
  • Brand Personality – You really can’t afford to look generic here. Branding is the only thing that’s differentiating you from thousands of similar looking products. Use it everywhere in your listing.
  • Product Applications & Lifestyle – Confidently demonstrating product applications will identify and draw a wider audience to your product. Use it to summon shoppers to your product using all parts of your listing.

As always, you don’t want to miss out on maximizing Amazon SEO to gain more exposure and traffic. Also, you can use our Amazon Product Listing Template as a great framework to work from.

Create or revise your product listing using what you’ve learned today and you’ll be light-years ahead of the average seller. If you’ve got any other tips or thoughts, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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