crushing amazon with a full time job

Amazon Seller Strategies Episode #6: Crushing Amazon With a Full-Time Job

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Seller Strategies Episode #6: Crushing Amazon While Still at a Full-Time Job

Weekend Warrior

Welcome back, sellers! This seller strategies episode is aimed at the weekend and weeknight warriors who are trying to crush their Amazon goals while balancing a full-time job. Believe it or not, this actually applies to a majority of Amazon sellers. Time and time again we remind aspiring sellers that selling on Amazon FBA isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to build success, and it’s completely doable alongside your full-time job.

Having your Amazon business as a side hustle is a great way to get started without relying on your profits to become your main source of income. As long as you’re patient and have your expectations in check, we have a few tips to help you manage your time.

Save Your Sanity!

Seller to seller, this is how we learned to keep moving without getting overwhelmed by the process.

1. Understand that it takes time.

In order to completely replace your income, you have to build a successful business. And this takes time. So take a breath, don’t rush the process, and know that every seller’s journey is different. Some find success quickly, and others may take years.

2. Organization is key.

Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and track your ideas, seller strategies, and research. This will help you manage your time and plan out the steps you need to take. Consider your bandwidth at the end of the workday. How much time do you have to devote to building your Amazon business? And break down the actionable items over weeks or months, depending on how much time you’ve got.

3. Plan your expectations and risks.

Does your Amazon business strategy align with your expectations? For example, are you trying to create passive income or replace your income? You want to establish your goal up front. Then you can start factoring in the risks you’re willing to take. Do you want to move fast and launch a product ASAP, or take your time? There’s no right answer, FYI. So this is completely up to you!

4. Have a $$$ goal in mind.

Let’s take your plan a step further and set a real dollar amount for the profit you want to target. Consider how much money you need each month to live comfortably. Keeping this in mind will help you determine if your goal is to replace or supplement your income.

5. If you’re serious, treat your side hustle as a real business.

A real business makes money over time, not overnight. Therefore, don’t treat your Amazon business as an ATM, but instead think of reinvesting your profits back into your business. This will help you grow and really give you the opportunity to turn your business into your main source of income. Of course you want to pay yourself, but in the beginning, you might want to reinvest in new products and larger purchase orders.

Finally, we recommend investing in a weekly planner! Check out the video for Maria’s top choice which helps her plan out her to-do list each week, review progress each week, and tweak her business plans accordingly. We’ll get into that more in a future seller strategy episode.

We understand the limited time you have between work and everything else going on in life, and adding an Amazon business isn’t an easy task! Rest assured, we’re here to keep you calm and sane and offer as many tips, tricks, and seller strategies to help you succeed!

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