Statistical Significance – What Is It & How Can It Prevent Bad Optimization?

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Does the mere mention of statistics bring you back to your school days, when mathematics came back with a vengeance? Thankfully, Splitly scooped up a couple of the rare few who actually got kicks out of those brain-frying equations and algorithms. Little did anyone realize back then that statistical significance would become a fundamental principle of our Amazon optimization process. But honestly, you don’t need to be freakishly smart to understand statistical significance or how optimization is performed. Splitly can still be used by those who have very little knowledge of how it actually works. Yet, having a basic understanding of why …

Don’t Get Left Behind: Amazon Mobile Optimization For Product Listings

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Have you not yet considered optimizing your listings specifically for mobile? Mobile shopping is at an all-time high, putting increasing importance on Amazon Mobile Optimization for FBA sellers. Of course, Amazon identified this trend in rising mobile users and is already one step ahead of the game. In addition to optimizing their website for mobile browsers, they’ve also developed a native application to provide an even greater experience for shoppers. It also happens to have the largest market share of all shopping apps, claiming 50% of shoppers in the US. It’s likely you’re already quite accustomed to optimizing product listings for desktop …

machine learning for amazon sellers

Get Ahead: Machine Learning for Amazon Sellers

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As FBA sellers, we’re always looking for new ways to boost our revenue and increase overall efficiency. We want to grow our businesses but not at the expense of sacrificing time to constant monitoring and adjustments. To achieve this seemingly impossible feat, machine learning for Amazon sellers offers promising solutions. Instead of relying solely on your own brainpower to run your business, wouldn’t it be great to have some artificial intelligence working on your side too? You could plug in piles of data about your customer behavior, inventory, orders, reviews and sales volume. It would start to notice patterns, trends …

product listing teardown beauty & personal care

Product Listing Teardown: How To Sell Products In Beauty & Personal Care

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Your product listing is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon. A poorly optimized listing puts a stranglehold on sales, directly impacting click-through rates, traffic, conversions and ranking. Check out this product listing TEARDOWN & find out what makes a listing shine in Beauty & Personal Care ???? ...