Splitly Feature Update: Test Child ASINs Simultaneously

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By now you already well know that Splitly is the only way to automate your Amazon split tests. As far as automation, data integrity, analytics, and most importantly, growing the bottom line, there is no other alternative for Amazon sellers to optimize their listings.


However, split testing products with Parent/Child ASINs was a nagging challenge that we have been working hard to address. And the great news is that for all of you that have them, Splitly can run split tests on your Child ASINs, grouped!


What Are Child ASINs


First, let’s just set the context of what Parent/Child ASINs are.


On Amazon, similar products that vary based on a variation theme, like size or color, are defined as parent/child relationships.


These parent/child relationships are helpful because they help your customers easily find and compare similar products.


For example, these Nalgene water bottles come in a variety of colors and sizes.




Instead of listing each particular size and color under its own product listing, Amazon groups them all under one listing (“Nalgene Water bottle etc”) which is a parent listing. Each color and size are the child  ASINs.


How Does This Relate To Splitly?


With Splitly’s new Parent/Child ASIN feature, you can easily set up a single test for all your child ASINs, rather than testing them separately. Say for example that you sell these Nalgene water bottles, and you wanted to test the price of each child ASIN. You can now create a single test, and each day your price will update for all Child ASINs in unison. A great relief for those of you trying to create multiple tests, and make sure they showed the same price on the same day.


How To Set Up Your Child ASIN Split Tests


If you have a product with Child ASINs, Splitly lists them separately on the product page. Upon clicking on one, you are brought to the create test page where you can just go ahead and create a test for this single ASIN. But Splitly also automatically detects the Child’s sibling ASINs, and allows you to easily add them to the test. When you create a new test for your product with multiple Child ASINs, it will look something like this (some fields are intentionally a bit blurry to protect the seller’s anonymity–though this is actually my product!).


screencapture-app-splitly-tests-new-1278323-1473193728599 (1)


Simply setup your variants as usual, with the only difference being that any fields that are not the same for every child in the test will be ‘locked’. For instance one title may have the word ‘green’ in it, and another ‘red’. In this instance you would not want to over write all your titles with the same text. It is just a warning though, you can unlock a field if you like.

Below is an example of the new test results page. For tests with more than one Child ASIN, you can now choose to view the results for any single ASIN, or as most of you would want, you can now choose to aggregate all the data.



How This Can Trigger Growth Immediately


If you have a product with multiple Child ASINs, you can now create a single test for them, and gather much more data for your test. It also makes sure you are presenting the same information to the customer across all Child ASINs, and not biasing any particular one.


Now that you can run split tests on Child ASIN’s  grouped together, you can optimize these listings using a data-driven approach as regular listings. This is ground-breaking!


No longer are you relying on your competitive analysis or intuition to get your Child ASIN’s optimized. If you have child ASIN’s, I highly recommend that you initiate some new tests to optimize these ASINs today. With the holiday rush right around the corner, we are at a crucial time when every preparation for the onslaught of demand can generate huge growth in profits.


If you have any questions on how to get this set up, please reach out to us [email protected] so we can get you taken care of!


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