5 Tips To Get Conclusive Test Results, Faster

If you have found your Splitly tests to be inconclusive, there are some quick adjustments that you can make to find conclusive test results.

1. Start With High-  Impact Tests: Price and Primary Image

Your product’s price and primary image are the most sensitive fields. Other fields can give decent results, but tests can take a long time to complete.

2. Create More Obvious Differences In Your Variants

In order to see impactful growth more quickly, you will want to create significant and obvious differences between the two variants you are testing. These large changes to your listing are what create differences in consumer behavior. If your variants are too similar, it is difficult to determine a winner as the change was not noticeable enough to change customer behavior.

3. Adjust Your Minimum Significance

90% Significance is what we recommend for a test that is reasonably fast (about two weeks) and accurate.

However, to get a conclusive test result faster, adjust your Minimum Significance to 80%.

You can do this in the “Edit Test” field found here

4. Only Test Two Variants At a Time

Tests take a longer to complete when you add more variants. Consider running a test using only 2 variants, then run further localised tests around that winner afterwards. The minimum test duration is (number of variants)*7. Every variant will be run on each day of the week at least once.

5. Be Patient

The most important thing to do in order to get the best test results is imply be patient. This allows you to get an accurate result that leads to a more optimized listing. We will advise you what to do as the test continues. We will automatically end the test when we find a winner.

If you have any questions about getting more conclusive results,
or need help with your tests,
please reach out to us anytime:
[email protected]