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Product Listing Teardown: How To Sell Products In Beauty & Personal Care

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It goes without saying, your product listing is one of the most important aspects of selling on Amazon. Even with the best product on the market, a poorly optimized listing put a stranglehold on sales. Your product listing will have a direct impact on click-through rates, traffic, conversions and ranking.

We already shared our Amazon Product Description Template to give our readers a headstart creating awesome listings. Today we’ve decided to take it a step further by performing a product listing teardown on live products.

We’ll show you exactly where these listings are strong and where they can be improved. Plus, we’ll focus on one product category each time. That way, you’ll also gain an understanding of how to boost performance in specific markets.

Our Amazon Product Research For Beauty & Personal Care

During our research, we found a number of identified a few popular products we found interesting. Two of these listings are performing very well, be could still be improved. One of these listings is not doing well at all and we’ll show you why. Products to be covered today are:

We found using the JungleScout Web App.

Ready to get stuck in? Let’s go!

1. Tuxedo Activated Charcoal Powder

Overall, a good listing which is already attracting lots of sales. Let’s look at where it excels and where it could be improved.

Title – 5/5


+ Good length title and well-optimized for both SEO and readers

+ 3 primary keywords have been used while keeping it easy to read. This provides great Amazon SEO benefits.

+ Features key ingredients that catch buyer’s attentionCoconut Charcoal and Bentonite Clay“.

+ Addresses common product concernsHighest Quality Non-Abrasive Safe on Enamel“.

Images – 4/5

+ 7 images used (Amazon allows you to add up to 9 images, although only 7 are shown before clicking to see more)

+ High-resolution and zoomable images. Shoppers can get a good look at the product from all angles.

+ Ingredients are displayed clearly, which many shoppers in this category are going to be looking at closely.

+ 3 infographics to further demonstrate product features and benefits to buyers.

Comments: Create more professional infographics, add lifestyle photographs and perhaps an infographic demonstrating ingredient health benefits.

Product Features – 3/5

They’ve clearly tried hard with their Product Features, but it seems they’ve missed the mark:

+ Good balance on character count. Short enough to be punchy but still provide enough detail

+ Plenty of keywords are included naturally while providing useful information

They’ve focused mainly on facts and features rather than actual product benefits

Comments: Product Features are best used to communicate benefits, overcome objects and show why your product is better than others. They’ve used them to list instructions, directions and safety information. This would be better suited to the Important Information section further down the page.

Description – 4/5

+ Good length (uses 1700 of the 1900 character limit)

+ Elaborates key features, addressed concerns/objections

+ Demonstrates why their natural product is better than conventional treatments

+ Money back guarantee at the end (but missing a call to action for purchasing)

– They return again to mention more about usage and safety instructions*

Comments: They should create a narrative to take customers through the experience of using the product. Also, focus more on benefits over features. It’s a very effective technique for attracting shoppers in this category.

*Perhaps they have valid concerns about customers misusing their product. In this case, it’s a good idea to place this information here too.

Reviews – 5/5

Reviews appear to be the strongest part of this product listing:

+ Over 2000 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars, it’s clear buyers are happy with the product

+ Lots of before/after image testimonials, which are incredibly valuable in the Health & Personal Care category.

+ Answered lots of customer questions and covered many buyer objections.

2. Acure Organics Tightening Eye Contour Gel

This product listing is screaming for help. It’s hardly generating sales and is unlikely to change until they improve their listing. Let’s see where it went wrong!


Title – 1/5

Only around 50 characters used out of the 200 character limit

Only used 1 primary keyword used. They could have gained great SEO benefit from adding 1-3 more

Doesn’t attract customers, comes off as another “generic” product

No real mention of health benefits

Comments: They need to focus on performing keyword research and getting keywords in their title. Furthermore, they need to catch shopper’s attention using health benefits and unique features.

Images – 1/5

– Only 1 image

Low-resolution image that does not allow shoppers to zoom in (Amazon advises a minimum resolution of 1000 x 1000 pixels to enable this feature)

Improvements: Product images are very important to shoppers. They should focus on adding at least 7 high-resolution images, show the ingredients clearly and make use of infographics.

Product Features – 1/5

Too brief, not enough details (150-200 characters is a good amount of writing to aim for to keep strong benefits and features)

Only hints at a single benefit

Vague and does not inspire confidence among buyers

Comments: To save this section, they should hone in on the key benefits shoppers are looking for. Plus, they should try to demonstrate why this product is better than others.

Description – 1/5

Too brief (300 words available but hardly used)

No HTML formatting to improve readability

No money-back guarantee or call to action for buying

Comments: At the very least, each sentence used here could be expanded into a section. Then they should focus on demonstrating product benefits clearly for shoppers. As mentioned before, a narrative approach to product descriptions works very well.

Reviews – 1/5

Only 4 reviews

Unfavourable ratio of 5 to 3-star reviews

Comments: Reviews are sorely lacking and even two 3 star reviews are enough to pull it down to 4 stars. It’s likely that the rest of the listing is contributing to low sales and fewer opportunities for reviews.

After tidying up the rest of the listing, they should re-launch using an Amazon Discount Website to kick-start sales and get more reviews.

3.Wonderfully Natural African Black Soap

Here’s another product listing already selling very well, but still has some room for further optimization:



Title – 2/5

Only one primary keyword “African black soap”

No mention of unique ingredients, features or benefits

Title is too short

Comments: This title could be improved easily by adding the product’s unique benefits over conventional soaps, key ingredients and more keywords.

Images – 2/5

Only 4 images, all of which show the same details

Image resolution is too low for zoomable images (1000 x 1000 minimum size)

No lifestyle images, infographics, ingredients or different angles

Comments: Images have been vastly underutilized here. The resolution of all images should be increased to enable zoomable images. They could also benefit greatly from adding infographics to display ingredients and benefits.

Bullets – 5/5

+ Great length, provides enough detail without losing readers

+ Highlights the key product benefits to readers and expands upon them

+ Includes features that will strongly attract certain customers (Vegan, Fair Trade, No Animal Testing)

+ Overcomes objections and positions the product as the best solution to common problems

+ Additional bonus of a free gift

Comments: These Product Features do an excellent job of identifying with shopper problems and showing how this product solves them.

Description – 5/5

+ Uses narrative style writing that taps into customer lifestyle

+ Excellent use of copywriting and persuasive language to capture shopper’s attention

+ Discusses how readers will feel using the product and benefits they will receive

+ Mentions key ingredients and their specific health benefits

+ Strong money-back guarantee (but no call to action)

Comments: This product description was executed very well. They’ve used skillful copywriting to stand out, capture shoppers attention and demonstrate superiority.

Reviews – 5/5

+ 1000+ reviews with a 4.5-star average

+ Image-rich reviews with before/after testimonials demonstrating results

Comments: Having so many raving testimonial style reviews will be a significant driver of sales for this product. Especially in this category, shoppers love to see exactly how products are changing lives for the better.

Product Listing Teardown: How’s Yours Looking?

By now, you should have a good idea of what’s working and what’s not in the Beauty & Personal Care. You may find it very encouraging to see that even some of the highest ranked, best-selling products could still be improved.

Learn from both their strengths and weaknesses so you can apply them to your own product listings. If you haven’t check out our Product Listing Template yet, you’ll want to combine it with today’s lessons.

Or if you think your Amazon product listing is already up to scratch, why not run it through the Product Listing Grader to see how it does?

We’ll catch you next time with a Product Listing Teardown in another lucrative category!

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