Feature Update: Splitly Now Supports Amazon Europe!

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It is with great excitement that we are officially launching Splitly support of Amazon European markets! This means that any private label seller using Amazon UK, France, Spain, Germany, or Italy can now use Splitly to run split tests.


My co-founder James and I are especially thrilled, as we hail from Europe, but have had to leverage Amazon’s US marketplace as sellers. We have been running thorough tests for months to ensure that European sellers get the same split testing capabilities that thousands of Amazon US sellers have used thus far.


Amazon is investing and growing its international operations significantly. This translates to a tremendous opportunity for sellers.


To quantify the value of International marketplaces (a bulk of which are in Europe), Amazon pulls 60% of its revenue from North American businesses, with 33% coming from international retailing.

Forecasts predict that this portion of International sales will increase, both as a percentage and overall volume.


What Does This Mean for Splitly Users?


If you are currently a Splitly user with products listed on the Canada or Mexico marketplaces, Splitly will recognize this immediately and you can begin tests on these marketplaces.

If you are an Amazon seller with a product actively listed on any Amazon European marketplace, you can link your European seller account with Splitly, and begin your tests.

The process of setting up a test remains the same: simply choose an element to test, create the variation, and let Splitly do the hard work of data analysis and rotation between variations.


Why Is This Important?


Splitly’s expansion into Europe gives you the ever-important First Mover Advantage as a European seller. I have been selling in the US for several years, and I see the European marketplace in its nascent stages, similar to Amazon US in its early days.


In short, there is ample opportunity in Europe! The EU marketplace has less competition, which means that it is easier to rank for your keywords, and cheaper to run sponsored ads. And with less competition at the moment, it is a ripe opportunity to establish your brand as a top Amazon seller.


And with the advantage of having Splitly to ensure that you are using data-driven decisions to optimize your listing, you are certainly primed to stand ahead of the competition.




If you have any questions about setting up your split tests on any European marketplace, please email [email protected] so that we can get you split testing in Europe! Good luck!


Sharing is caring!

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