Splitly vs 
Listing Dojo & Cashcowpro

If you’re a private label seller, the chances are you are always looking for ways to outsell the competition, increase sales, and most importantly, increase profits.

Here’s the thing, whilst being an incredible business opportunity, Amazon is also becoming more competitive. Sellers like us need to be proactive in order to stay ahead.

Enter The Humble Split Test

Fortunately, that’s where a neat marketing strategy called split testing, or A/B testing, comes into play. This is where you test two variants of your Amazon product listing concurrently, and use mathematical logic to determine if one variant statistically outperformed the other.

We use the term “statistical significance” a lot here at Splitly. If it sounds fancy, that’s because it is. Or at least the processes used to gain statistical significance are. But don’t worry, that is what our software can figure out for you, whilst you sleep, go on vacation, or enjoy a good book. All you need to do is set up a test, run it and come back for your accurate, statistically significant results.

The results of these tests can tell you if a different title, image, keyword, price or other variant on your product listing would improve your bottom line.

“Statistical significance is a mathematical tool that is used to determine whether the outcome of an experiment is the result of a relationship between specific factors or merely the result of chance.”




Splitly Helps You Improve Profits: The Proof

Here’s the thing, we know that Splitly is the most reliable tool for Amazon listing optimization. We have carefully engineered a system that has proven results, and in our world, the numbers don’t lie!

We also know that other alternatives that offer the same service can’t do this, because we have tried them for ourselves. Allow us to share our findings with you.

Splitly Helps You Improve Profits: The Proof

Here’s the thing, we know that Splitly is the most reliable tool for Amazon listing optimization. We have carefully engineered a system that has proven results, and in our world, the numbers don’t lie!

We also know that other alternatives that offer the same service can’t do this, because we have tried them for ourselves. Allow me to share my findings with you.





Amazon Split Testing: The Right Way

Before I share some real results of split tests from different platforms, it’s useful to understand how split testing works when it’s done correctly, and how important this is.

Split test done incorrectly: Variants of a product listing are not alternated frequently enough, the test does not run for long enough to reach statistical significance, and no algorithms are used to determine a statistical winner, just a simple case of which variant got the most sales.

Split test done correctly: Variants of a product listing are alternated daily, at midnight (in line with Amazon’s processes), and the test runs for at least a week before using statistical significance to identify a winner.


Ultimately, it all comes down to variant rotations, and statistical significance!

It’s like changing the temperature of your house without a thermostat. Not testing at all is like having no thermostat. But having a broken thermostat is even worse, you are left with false positive readings which informs poor decision making. Don’t let your most important business decisions depend on a broken system!


Splitly VS Listing Dojo

The first thing that we can see when investigating Listing Dojo is that variants are not alternated daily, which means you cannot end up with statistically significant results.

Put simply, the variation winner in Listing Dojo is based on a test which has not had daily alternations. But as sellers we know that sales are never the same from day to day, week to week. This is a problem. How can you be sure that when you do actually make a change to your listing, that the winning variant is ACTUALLY the winner?

Here’s an example of some test results from Listing Dojo (pictured right).

The ‘baseline’ is looking at the preceding days before the test. Splitly never does this, because those days are not rotated and therefore not very useful when conducting an algorithmic split test.

Listing Dojo will not show you, or declare, a variant winner. So it’s up to you to figure this out based on the sales figures. This is unhelpful as you do not get a view of your profits (without some manual efforts), and simply selecting a winner based on the highest sales oftentimes returns a false positive.

In a nutshell, algorithmic mathematics is not used to prove, to the best possible knowledge, that a variant has had a positive impact on your bottom line.


What about cost? Listing Dojo is free. We hear you. But here’s the thing, free software always comes with a catch. It can be hidden costs down the line, lack of security, or perhaps the reason a tool is free is because they own and are using your data.

That being said, even if you don’t mind all of these compromises, it still brings us back to the fact that you are not testing your listings in a scientifically proven way, and the results you get may actually impede progress, rather than help move things forward. In this case, a free tool could end up being a costly mistake to your business.


Here are some features that you will find in Splitly, that are not available in Listing Dojo:

Splitly has friendly, expert customer support with fast response times

There’s an automated rank tracker, so you can see how well your optimization efforts are impacting your rank for important keywords

You can split test both your features and the search terms (keywords) in the back-end of seller central, which you cannot do in Listing Dojo

Splitly VS Cashcowpro

When testing the Cashcowpro A/B testing feature, the main observation we made was that although listings are alternated more frequently, statistically significant calculations are not being used to determine a winner.

This is the most important aspect of an accurate test for Splitly, which will never declare a winner unless the statistical significance is over 90%. The data from the tests running in Splitly actually allows our algorithms to spot any inconsistencies and weed out any outliers that may skew the data and end up giving your false positives. 

Additionally, Cashcowpro allows you to set any number of days to run your test and defines a winner based on sales. Comparatively, Splitly will ensure that you run a test for an appropriate length of time to reach a significant winner. Sometimes this means results are inconclusive (your test fails), which can be frustrating.  But it's better to know that a change you made had no significant impact, rather than basing your decisions on a false positive. 

Here’s an example of the Splitly rotation log, which shows each variant being swapped daily, with all of the sessions, sales and profits. It will also account for PPC spend if you are running any ads:


There is also an option to void specific days during a test, for example if you run any promotions.

Here’s what the results look like for a split test in Cashcowpro, as you can see, PPC and profit are not shown as metrics, and the variation winner is always selected:


Ultimately, Cashcowpro's split testing feature only works to a point. Our calculations, testing methods and data reporting give you much more accurate results. Splitly has a team of engineers, optimization experts and data scientists behind the scenes that work solely on keeping up with the pulse of Amazon.


Splitly: easy to understand results

Our tools may be more advanced, but they're not difficult to use. Splitly still does all of the hard work for you and it only takes minutes to set up. The most important metrics are at your fingertips: see which variant won with over 90% certainty based on profit, sessions, sales and conversion rate!


Here are some other features that you will find in Splitly, that are not available in Cashcowpro:

You can test your features without a character limit (Cashcowpro has a limit of 100 characters)

You can test your search terms in the back-end of seller central

You can test your main image and all other images, including the order. Cashcowpro only allows testing of the main image.

You can do multi-variant testing and run a test during a promotion

Super fast response times and 1-to-1 consultations with optimization experts


Pricing Optimization

It would be remiss to talk about Amazon listing optimization and not focus on the most impactful test of them all: pricing!

The majority of sellers find that their most successful tests are changing their price. Some Splitly users have seen increases in profit by up to 100% just from making small, incremental adjustments to their product price.

This is where Splitly really becomes your trusted optimization sidekick.

We have developed a tool that utilizes machine learning to automate your pricing optimization, it’s called Profit Peak. This is the world’s first and only repricer for private label sellers.

It’s much more powerful than split testing your price, because it is reactive. It can optimize for profit whilst simultaneously preserving search rank. Here’s an example:


Scenario 1: A seller runs a pricing split test once, and a higher price increases profits. The seller moves to this increased price, but over time, less sales results in a drop in search rank.


Scenario 2: A seller turns on Profit Peak, which tests price every day and carefully balances sales and profits to help maintain search rank.

With this tool you can forego split testing your pricing completely and automate it continuously. This is powerful because:

Profit Peak is constantly searching for and testing your best known price, so it’s the most reactive strategy available
It will adjust as the market moves, or if your competitor changes their price, or any other factors that affect your pricing optimization
It works whilst you sleep and only requires 5 minutes of your time to set up
It solves the search rank and sales velocity problem

The Benefits of Machine Learning


If you value data integrity and want to make well-informed decisions on how to optimize your listings for higher profits, then Splitly is the tool for you. It’s not about how you record testing data, it’s what you do with it, and Splitly has the smartest and most reliable algorithms in the industry.

You will graduate to a power seller by being able to:


Make accurate, data-driven informed decisions on your listing optimization

Earn back hours of time compared to making manual changes and reviewing the results in excel sheets

Get ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace


Our customers, real Amazon sellers like you,
are seeing real results using Splitly:


A/B testing on Amazon is a no brainer for anyone who wants to truly optimize their listings. Splitly automates the whole process for you and makes it super simple to test different prices, images, titles and more. I’ve been able to squeeze out an additional 20% of profit from my products through A/B testings with Splitly.

Kevin Rizer


I was shocked when a simple main image test increased my sales from an average of 11/day to 14/day. That may not sound like much but that results in over $4,000 extra in profit put into my pocket each year. Since sales on Amazon vary from day to day and week to week so much, I would never have known the true winner without doing the proper A/B test through Splitly.

Scott Voelker - The Amazing Seller


I didn’t know I could run split tests on my Amazon products until I found Splitly. In my first month optimizing my listing, my conversion rate improved by 18%. In a competitive niche like mine, this is huge!

Todd G

Choosing Splitly also comes
with a host of other benefits, including:

The best support in the industry:

We have fully trained experts and real life Amazon sellers who are happy to help you with your optimization needs.

Unique pricing optimization:

Profit Peak allows you to automate private label repricing using machine learning. No other tool in the world can do this for you.

Amazon SEO built in:

The ability to A/B test all areas of your listing, as well as your back-end keywords in the search terms fields. Amazon SEO has never been easier

A smart rank tracking tool:

Never lose sight of your listing’s organic performance. Get historical and current data on your products BSR and never miss a trick on gaining organic sales.

Personalized consultations:

Access to personalized calls with an expert, as well as free educational content about Amazon optimization.

Behind the scenes, we are constantly working on our algorithms, new features and ensuring everything is up to date with the latest changes at Amazon.