Get more traffic, sales and profits

Crush your FBA competition with

Crush your FBA competition with automated split tests.

There are 35 Million Amazon Product Listings.
Make yours stand out with Artificial Intelligence.

Algorithmic Split Testing

  • Scientifically test every element of your product listing for increased conversions and profits
  • Test your pricing, images, titles, features and descriptions

Automated Pricing Optimisation

  • Always be one step ahead with Profit Peak, an artificial intelligence powered optimisation tool
  • Continuous private label repricing on autopilot – set it up in minutes

Keyword Rank Tracking

  • Monitor your rank for the most important keywords
  • Get sophisticated reports so you can see how your listing performs over time
ADDITIONAL sales generated through A/B tests with Splitly

    I was shocked when a simple main image test increased my sales from an average of 11/day to 14/day. That may not sound like much but that results in over $4,000 extra in profit put into my pocket each year. Since sales on Amazon vary from day to day and week to week so much, I would never have known the true winner without doing the proper A/B test through Splitly.      

Scott Voelker – The Amazing Seller

The most powerful suite of optimisation tools
for Amazon private label sellers in the UK

Scientifically proven results

Don’t leave your Amazon listing optimisation to chance and assumptions. The Splitly data scientists have engineered the most sophisticated algorithms so that you can quickly and easily improve your listings for increased profits. Our technology has helped thousands of Amazon sellers generate millions in extra revenue!

A toolkit to suit your needs

Whether you need to improve your listing content, optimise your pricing or improve your rank, Splitly can help you do that. The smartest sellers get ahead by adopting an optimisation strategy as early as possible. Let Splitly help you to automate this process, backed up with the smartest algorithms in the industry.

Remove the manual work

Testing your listings or changing your pricing manually is intensive and time consuming. It requires logging into Seller Central at inconvenient times to make changes, and spending hours analysing report data. Removing this manual work saves time and also gives you access to the most statistically accurate results!

  • Todd G.

    I didn’t know I could run split tests on my Amazon products until I found Splitly. In my first month optimizing my listing, my conversion rate improved by 18%. In a competitive niche like mine, this is huge!

  • Kevin Rizer

    A/B testing on Amazon is a no brainer for anyone who wants to truly optimize their listings. Splitly automates the whole process for you and makes it super simple to test different prices, images, titles and more. I’ve been able to squeeze out an additional 20% of profit from my products through A/B testings with Splitly.

  • Ben B.

    I tested a few different headlines to target different niches and search queries with my product. Good thing I did, I’m now ranking higher and converting more sales in a less competitive niche, thanks to the tests from Splitly.

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