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As an Amazon private label seller, the worst thing you can do is leave extra money on the table. With competition increasing daily, testing is the key to making sure you are maximizing your profits. However running successful A/B tests can be challenging, even for top Amazon sellers.

Splitly has helped our users A/B test over $500,000,000 in Revenue and we look forward to supporting you.

In the video above, we will walk you through everything you need to know to be successful with Splitly including: launching your first A/B test, defining what statistical significance is, how to leverage our Profit Peek feature, best practices to get the most out of Splitly and much much more. 


A/B Testing 101

Split testing is one of the most important ways to improve your conversions and grow your sales. This is especially true with Amazon, where you are limited by what changes you can make to your listing. A regular website can change an infinite number of things, from text, to headlines, colors, buttons, user flow, and much more.

However, Amazon forces you to work within its strict parameters. This means that every character of text, or image, is extremely important. Without testing anything, you are operating on your assumptions of what will work, or worse yet, you are basing your listing on what your competitors are doing. This can be disastrous. Wouldn’t it be more efective if you listened to what your customers need?

By running split tests, you are creating a way to have your customers tell you what works and what doesn’t, by measuring their

In this section we will cover:
  1. Creating an A/B test 1:04
  2. Metrics and goals to consider before an A/B test 1:18
  3. Step by step walkthrough of setting up your first A/B test 2:20
  4. How often variants are switched? 6:17
  5. What kind of data is collected as you run the split test? 6:27
  6. What is statistical significance? 6:50
  7. Advanced Settings: Setting the Goal for your split tests 8:02

  8. How long does an A/B test run for? 8:44
  9. How do you factor Amazon referral fees and the pick & pack fee? 9:51
  10. Pro Tip: How to account for days of the week where sales are stronger than the rest? 10:09
  11. How to A/B test products with Child Variations 10:29
  12. Interpreting A/B test results 13:30

Profit Peak

Pricing is the most powerful optimization hack you can do – we have seen this evidence through thousands of sellers using our software. You can also split test your pricing, however, Profit Peak was developed to allow you to automate the whole process and save you a LOT of time.

Profit Peak is an algorithmic pricing optimizer which uses artificial intelligence to constantly test the best known price of your products on Amazon.

In this section we will cover: 
  1. What is Profit Peak 16:50

  2. How to setup Profit Peak: 19:16

  3. Advanced Settings: Target Daily Unit Sales 19:58

  4. Advanced Settings: Optimum Price Direction 21:17

  5. Advanced Settings: Price Schedule 21:41

  6. Advanced Settings: SKUs To Update 21:41

  7. Advanced Settings: Price Decimal 22:39

  8. Advanced Settings: Stock Deplete Date 23:22

  9. How long will Profit Peak take to optimize my price and what should I do next? 24:51

Rank Tracker

Keyword rank tracking is a very important metric one should measure for an Amazon business. Customers are looking to buy your products and it is your responsibility to ensure they can be found in the search results. Typically, higher rankings means more sales and revenue for your business.

In this section we will cover:
  1. Complete Rank Tracker Overview 26:08

Best Practices

We want to make sure that each and every one of our clients are setup for success. Which is why Ervin will review some best practices to keep in mind as you start scaling your testing efforts. 

  1. How to get the most out of Splitly 27:27


So we've covered how to setup your first A/B test. We defined statistical significance and identified the key metrics you should be looking at when interpreting your test results. We reviewed Profit Peak and discussed strategies to increase your profits. We also covered a very important metric everyone should be measuring, keyword tracking. If you have any additional questions about Splitly, please reference our knowledge base.